Burt’s Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter

Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter

I love lip balms and I am literally crazy for them, just cannot control myself if I spot any cute and colourful lip balm/chap stick that smells great (but I only buy if I need, so i am not a collector, as such).  Continue reading


My MUA haul and meeting my blogger friends

I recently did a small haul on MUA products when they announced their 50k Facebook Fans celebrations with 50% off on all on their products, they even had free shipping :).This was the moment I was waiting for, since so long, as I missed their 30k Facebook Fans celebration where they had offered flat 30% off on their products :(.

So in order to makeup for my previous miss, I definitely had to use their recent offer 🙂 And so i along with my other blogger friends Radha of www.indianbeautyzone  , Raji of www.voiceofrm.blospot.com and Raaga of  www.mymakeupandrandomthoughts.blogspot.com  made a good purchase 🙂 Here’s the stuff we all got together.

My MUA haul and meeting my blogger friends


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My First ever Lush and Nature’s Co.Buy

“Finally”, ummm may be this should not be the first word to start a post but then I feel this would be the apt word o start this post and to exactly describe my feeling , yes ! “Finally” (again!! Alright ! he he..i won’t repeat it again!) I convinced myself to splurge in a LUSH product 🙂 yay ! have a look at my teeny weeny haul 🙂


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Macaroni in Béchamel sauce with mushroom and corn

Yes you read it right 🙂 It is pasta yet again. I feel it’s the easiest dish that you can prepare in a jiffy, and so i prepared it last Saturday for lunch. I was not well on Friday and was feeling low ,so to make my mood happy atleast the next day , i wanted to indulge in some creamy and saucy goodness 🙂 and to me it was Pasta in Béchamel Sauce 🙂

Macaroni in Béchamel sauce with mushroom and corn

Béchamel sauce is also called the mother sauce as it is the base for many more sauces that are widely used in Italian cuisine.

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Penne Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce (My style)

I loooveeee pasta 🙂 I somehow developed a special liking for pasta, though I first tasted at home only 🙂 not in a perfect Italian restaurant. I still remember I made my 1st pasta when I was in class 11 🙂 . Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) I had watched a cooking show (I don’t remember whose show it was, must be Sanjeev kapoor’s I assume, Continue reading

Indian Whole Spices Flavoured Rice

If you have read my last post here,which is the daal makahani recipe,I had mentioned that I served a simple spice flavoured rice along with it.SO here is the recipe of the simple flavoured rice 🙂

This rice is very simple to prepare,yet very fragrant,aromatic and loaded with the flavour of our very own Indian Whole Spices. This Rice can bbe served with any Indian Gravy,creates a great combo with both mild-less spicy gravies and even heavy-spicy gravies as well 🙂

Flavoured Rice

So read on to know how to make this simple treat 🙂 Continue reading

Daal Makhani (Black Urad daal in a spicy and creamy sauce)

Hey Guys!!! 🙂 Here I am, “The lazy and irregular blogger”, who posts once in a blue moon in her blog :(.I am unable to post often …aaah I so wish I could wisely  use my time at least from this new year:).

Daal Makhani

Daal Makhani

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