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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Real Active Mixed fruit & vegetable juices Inspired Fruit-Veggie Juice

Have you tried this new range of tetra packed juices from Dabur?? I have !! and I loved it. I was bowled over by the taste of these juices , that I could not believe even vegetables tasted so refreshingly good in the form of juices !! Can you imagine how a juice made of beets, carrots, cucumber and “SPINACH” can taste amazingly good 🙂 Then you should definitely try such variants that are doing rounds in the market.I could spot such variants from this brand only, so that’s how i got inspired to try fruit-veggies juice at home 🙂

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Real Active Mixed fruit & vegetable juices Inspired Fruit-Veggie Juice

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Oats, Flax Seeds and Palm Jaggery Laddu/Sweet balls

hello Friends 🙂

Today I am gonna share with you all , the recipe of Oats,Flax seeds and Palm Jaggery laddu. This is  a healthy option for your sweet cravings, specially because of the presence of palm sugar.Palm sugar is not as bad to health as our regular sugar. This recipe is loaded with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Hope you try this out, off you go to the recipe  🙂

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Macaroni in Béchamel sauce with mushroom and corn

Yes you read it right 🙂 It is pasta yet again. I feel it’s the easiest dish that you can prepare in a jiffy, and so i prepared it last Saturday for lunch. I was not well on Friday and was feeling low ,so to make my mood happy atleast the next day , i wanted to indulge in some creamy and saucy goodness 🙂 and to me it was Pasta in Béchamel Sauce 🙂

Macaroni in Béchamel sauce with mushroom and corn

Béchamel sauce is also called the mother sauce as it is the base for many more sauces that are widely used in Italian cuisine.

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Penne Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce (My style)

I loooveeee pasta 🙂 I somehow developed a special liking for pasta, though I first tasted at home only 🙂 not in a perfect Italian restaurant. I still remember I made my 1st pasta when I was in class 11 🙂 . Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) I had watched a cooking show (I don’t remember whose show it was, must be Sanjeev kapoor’s I assume, Continue reading

Indian Whole Spices Flavoured Rice

If you have read my last post here,which is the daal makahani recipe,I had mentioned that I served a simple spice flavoured rice along with it.SO here is the recipe of the simple flavoured rice 🙂

This rice is very simple to prepare,yet very fragrant,aromatic and loaded with the flavour of our very own Indian Whole Spices. This Rice can bbe served with any Indian Gravy,creates a great combo with both mild-less spicy gravies and even heavy-spicy gravies as well 🙂

Flavoured Rice

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Daal Makhani (Black Urad daal in a spicy and creamy sauce)

Hey Guys!!! 🙂 Here I am, “The lazy and irregular blogger”, who posts once in a blue moon in her blog :(.I am unable to post often …aaah I so wish I could wisely  use my time at least from this new year:).

Daal Makhani

Daal Makhani

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Oats Porridge with cinnamon flavoured honey-glazed apples and pomegranate

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I am posting a food post after a long time on my blog. I have not been able to post regularly over here. I am finding it hard to post everyday because I work very far away from the city and it takes nearly 4.5 hrs of my time in travelling to and fro to office and back home 😦 So the only time I can keep for myself is the weekends and that is why I look forward for the weekends starting right from the beginning of the week 🙂 he he

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