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Are you ready to beat the heat this summer ??? “I am “ :) Part -1 Skin care essentials haul

Hey everyone 🙂 I am back (After like , ages , isn’t it ?? J ) with my 1st post for this season :).So it is April and officially “Summer” here in Chennai, even though for the past 3 months it has been terribly hot !! 😦 I am very sure this year it is going to be really tough to handle the scorching sun, it is burning hot during the day time. I have to walk/cycle for 10 mins from my office building to the Food court and that’s the time of the day I hate to the core !! 😦  (you-know-the-office-with-sprawling-campus-and-palatial-buildings).Anyways, I have to dare to shake hands with the sun,put on my shades and pedal the cycle and as soon as i reach the “FC” ( the food court ) I just run inside and breathe a sigh of  thank-god-i’m-not-burnt 🙂

Oops don’t worry , these are not the ways to handle the summer heat, that I am gonna talk about and make you run away from my blog, sorry for my non-stop-banters 🙂

Well, I would share with you all some skin care essentials that I recently hauled , to give Mr.Sun a run !! (he he my attempt at poetic writing , I am no good at that, but my sister writes some amazing stuff, check her writing here Mythly Imagines )

So here comes my summer skincare haul *drumrolls* *Curtains Open*

Summer Kin care essentials Haul


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Blossom Kochar AromaMagic Hand Cream

Blossom Kochar's Aroma Magic Hand Cream

Claims : A delicate emulsion to treat hands damaged by daily work, cold & atmospheric agents. Essential oils purify & smoothen rough chapped hands. The synergistic mixture of Vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 & cocoa butter restores skin balance while moisturizing & fighting skin ageing.

Active Ingredients: Extracts of rose, Orange, Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ, Cocoa Butter, Neroli , Rose, Almond Oil & Pure essential oils of carrotseed & Jasmine.

Price : 115 INR for 60g(Available at discounted price in most of the online shopping sites)

Directions to use : Apply on hands after every wash & specially at night.

Blossom Kochar's AromaMagic Hand Cream

Blossom Kochar’s AromaMagic Hand Cream

My experience:  Constant use of keypad or keyboard for long hours does make our hands dry and damaged, though it is significant only in the long run. I am sure many of us working in the IT sectors would definitely agree. So why wait till things go bad? Our hands need special attention as they are the most important part of our body. Regular manicure and ensuring clean hands helps to keep our hands softer and beautiful. Continue reading