Welcome to MoiSpace !!

I created this space to share with you all my passion and a new dimension that I added to it recently .

My passion is “COOKING” good food and I equally love serving it to all 🙂

I try my best to explore new ways of creating good aroma in my cooking , experiment with flavours  and loooove trying new cuisines. I keep reading a lot of cook books,read  food blogs and watch all the cookery shows possible 🙂 Language no bar !! He he :).

And the new dimension that got added to my passion, is something that is not directly connected to  cooking, but I feel it comes under the same plot cos; cooking is nothing but creativity and an ” ART” .

I think you would have guessed by now,that my added passion is “MAKEUP”. !! yes…I am trying to learn to put on makeup ….ah God !! I thought it was easy ..but believe me it is equally challenging  🙂 Putting on makeup peps me up, make me feel really more confident (not that I look bad without makeup ..he he :))..I am not a make up person always. I rarely put makeup but i enjoy doing it 🙂

So here I am joining you guys out there who share the same passion of cooking and make-up just like me and my request to the other pros in makeup ans cooking is “P
lease encourage people like me :)”

I would also like to help and grow with the others who are just begining to  come and join this beautiful world called makeup 🙂 but i am little better at cooking  so ypu can find me more on the coooking side ..for now.. !!! 🙂 hehe:)


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