Oats, Flax Seeds and Palm Jaggery Laddu/Sweet balls

hello Friends 🙂

Today I am gonna share with you all , the recipe of Oats,Flax seeds and Palm Jaggery laddu. This is  a healthy option for your sweet cravings, specially because of the presence of palm sugar.Palm sugar is not as bad to health as our regular sugar. This recipe is loaded with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Hope you try this out, off you go to the recipe  🙂

oats and flax seeds laddu 

Goodness of flax Seeds –

  • Flax seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E.Vitamin E is essential for good skin and hair.
  • Flax seeds are perhaps one of the most widely available botanical sources of (omega)-3 fatty acids.It helps lower the risk of blood pressure, coronary artery disease, strokes and breast, colon and prostate cancers.
  • The seeds contain lignans, a class of phytoestrogens considered to have antioxidant and cancer preventing properties.

Goodness of oats:

  • Eating oats regularly lowers the blood cholesterol level.
  • Oat contains silicon and vitamins A and B. It is known to have soothing effects on the nervous system, both when taken orally as a concoction, and when used externally, during bathing.
  • Because of its high fiber content, oats help in protection from bowel cancer.
  • Oats, like other cereal grains, are valued primarily as a source of carbohydrates which provide calories for energy needs.
  • Oats are also a great source of vitamins E, B1 and B2.

Goodness of palm Jaggery:

Palm Jaggery

  • Palm jaggery is made from the sap extract of Palm Trees in Southern India.
  • It has got an amazing earthy taste and has a chocolaty flavour 🙂
  • It is rich in calcium , iron and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It cools down the body temperature when consumed 🙂

oats and flax seeds laddu

Ingredients :

Oats- 1 cup

Flax seeds- ¼ cup

Palm Jaggery(grated)- 1 cup

Cane jaggery(grated)- ½ cup

Ghee- 1 + 1 table spoon

Spiced palm jaggery(chopped)- 2 table spoons ( optional )

Procedure :

1)      Roast oats lightly on  a pan , with out adding ghee/oil.Until it releases a nutty aroma.Remove from flame and set aside to cool.

oats and flax seeds laddu

2)      Next lightly roast flax seeds, make sure they don’t get charred.Set aside and cool.

3)      Roast the almonds and set aside.

4)      Add all the roasted nuts and oats into the mixer and grind coarsely.

oats and flax seeds laddu

5)      Add palm jaggery and cardamom powder to the ground powder and run the mixer once again until all the ingredients are uniformly mixed.

6)      Remove the mix on to a mixing bowl.

oats and flax seeds laddu

7)      Add regular jaggery to a heavy bottomed pan and add 5 tablespoons of water and bring the syrup to soft one thread consistency as shown in the picture.(just touch the syrup carefully with your thumb and index finger and touch and release both the fingers together, a soft single thread will form and break immediately. This is the right consistency).

Jaggery syrup

One string consistency

8)     Add 1 teaspoon of butter for softening the syrup.

9)      Switch of the flame and add the powdered mix.

10)   Mix gently and form laddus or balls when hot, if the mixture cools you wont be able to form the balls.

oats and flax seeds laddu

11)   That’s it healthy oats and flax seeds laddu is ready 🙂

Hope you like this recipe 🙂 this is a healthy alternative to all your sweet cravings 🙂 Enjoy !!

Let me know  if you would like to see some more healthy recipes here 🙂

5 thoughts on “Oats, Flax Seeds and Palm Jaggery Laddu/Sweet balls

    1. 00madhu00 Post author

      thanks so much rads 🙂 yes u shud try this out 🙂 i know palm sugar and palm jaggery are so tasty and healthy even i use them in milk:)

    1. 00madhu00 Post author

      Thanks a lot for stopping by Jeeshan:) this is an apt snack when you want o loose weight 🙂 do try it out and share how you liked it 🙂

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