Penne Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce (My style)

I loooveeee pasta 🙂 I somehow developed a special liking for pasta, though I first tasted at home only 🙂 not in a perfect Italian restaurant. I still remember I made my 1st pasta when I was in class 11 🙂 . Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) I had watched a cooking show (I don’t remember whose show it was, must be Sanjeev kapoor’s I assume, I grew up watching his show regularly, when he was the only well known “CELEBRITY CHEF” of our country), that featured the recipe of pasta in Béchamel sauce(white sauce), and the same day, I pestered my parents to get me all the ingredients for making pasta, believe me it was really tough to find some basic Italian stuff back then, like oregano(which is an Italian herb, it has got a wonderful flavour),good Italian wheat pasta(yep u read it right !! me and my dad had to roam around a lot to find pasta:(,thanks to my dad for supporting me a lot,he still is:)).Nowadays so many gourmet stores have cropped up all over Chennai, that have got essentials of all world-cuisines :). That day my pasta turned out fairly well, since then I have been making pasta on and off, there have been so many hits and misses. 🙂

Arabiatta sauce is the tomato based sauce that is usually red in colour and a tad bit spicier than the béchamel sauce. My parents mostly prefer the arabiatta sauce, our old Indian taste buds have been accustomed with only spicy food and don’t you agree we perfectly inherit that. I also enjoy eating this pasta 🙂 .

This particular recipe has been inspired by friend’s mom’s pasta recipe 🙂 during an usual visit to her house, I had asked her to make pasta for lunch 🙂 it was so sweet of her mom that she served us one the most yummiest pasta that I have ever had in my life till now :).It tasted so good so good that we kept hogging the pasta 🙂 so before I left her home that day, I got the recipe from my friend’s mom :).This friend of mine also taught me to make an awesome desert 🙂 that particular desert was a great hit among our friends and also my family, I would share it here some day :).

Before we move on to see how I made this pasta, I would like to thank my friend and her family for being extremely sweet and for having treated me with some amazing food prepared with loads and loads of love by her mother and served with loads and loads of friendship  by her 🙂 🙂

Right now my friend is not in the Country, she is abroad to do her studies, and we are not in touch with each other  for some weird reasons and misunderstandings in the past, though we had some formal meets and “HI’s and Bye’s” for the last one year. If at all she happens to see this post, I really want to say a big “Miss You” to her. Though we are far apart, I am sure our friendship is still intact deep within our hearts and it can never vanish, EVER !!

Aaaah !!! that was quite a lengthy introduction to “How PASTA entered my world” 🙂  any ways I wanted to share this here, after all this is “Moi(My) space” 🙂 Thanks for being patient and reading  this :). By now you would have realised, that I have some deeper sentiments connected with food 🙂 if you have realised then you are cent per cent right 🙂 . Okay, without further Ado, please hop on to the recipe section 🙂 Here’s what you’ll need for this. This is a modified version of the my friend’s recipe, but tastes equally good 🙂 .

Ingredients :

Pasta(preferably whole wheat)   – 250 gms

Onions                                               – 3 Big sized (Finely chopped)

Garlic                                                  – 3 cloves ( thin slices)

Tomatoes                                           – 6 medium sized (cooked and pureed)

Oregano(dried)                                 – 1 tea spoon

Rosemary                                           – ½ tea spoon( optional)

Olive oil                                               – 2 table spoons + 1 teaspoon

Black olives                                         –  10 nos ( sliced)

Red chilli flakes                                  -2 teaspoons( please adjust according to your spice levels)

Water                                                   – 3 cups

Salt-to-taste Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) Procedure :

1)      Before you start preparing this dish, please soak the thinly sliced garlic in 2 table spoons of olive oil. This imparts the garlicky flavour to the oil and we are going to use the same oil to make the pasta. Garlic slices in Oilve Oil 2)      Next, cook all the tomatoes in water until they become soft and tender and their skin start coming off, cool the tomatoes and grind them into a smooth puree. Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) 3)      Now take a wok/pan  and heat it ,then add the garlic and oil and  toss until it changes colour to golden brown, next add the onions and olives and sauté for 5 minutes or until the onions turn translucent. Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) 4)      Now add the pureed tomatoes and sauté for a minute, add the  water used in cooking the tomatoes(the tomato stock) to this and let this sauce cook for about 10 minutes until it reduces to a thin saucy consistency. Now add the chilli flakes, oregano and rose marry and cook for a minute. Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style)

Note : whenever you use dried herbs, crush them lightly in the middle of you palms and then add it to the dish, this ensures that the herbs release their flavour better.

5)      Now add in the  cooked pasta to this sauce, toss well and transfer to the serving bowl and garnish with some grated cheese and a drizzle of olive oil(1 tea spoon) 🙂 Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) 6)      Now the Pasta in Arabiatta  sauce is ready 🙂 Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style)

Please note that this is only similar to the original arabiatta recipe and may not be the exact one.

Do try this and let me know how you liked it 🙂

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I am waiting to hear from you.


12 thoughts on “Penne Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce (My style)

  1. Niesha

    can’t tell you dear,, how much i love pasta..
    You have explained the recipe so well, love ya for that .. I love cooking will sure try it..:)
    great job !!!

  2. Swarnali B

    i am such a pasta fan! and this dish is a treat to the eyes! i wish u stayed somewhere in calcutta i would have rushed to your place and begged of you to cook this one for me! 😛 😛 😛


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