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Penne Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce (My style)

I loooveeee pasta 🙂 I somehow developed a special liking for pasta, though I first tasted at home only 🙂 not in a perfect Italian restaurant. I still remember I made my 1st pasta when I was in class 11 🙂 . Penne Pasta in arabiatta sauce(Mys Style) I had watched a cooking show (I don’t remember whose show it was, must be Sanjeev kapoor’s I assume, Continue reading


Indian Whole Spices Flavoured Rice

If you have read my last post here,which is the daal makahani recipe,I had mentioned that I served a simple spice flavoured rice along with it.SO here is the recipe of the simple flavoured rice 🙂

This rice is very simple to prepare,yet very fragrant,aromatic and loaded with the flavour of our very own Indian Whole Spices. This Rice can bbe served with any Indian Gravy,creates a great combo with both mild-less spicy gravies and even heavy-spicy gravies as well 🙂

Flavoured Rice

So read on to know how to make this simple treat 🙂 Continue reading

Daal Makhani (Black Urad daal in a spicy and creamy sauce)

Hey Guys!!! 🙂 Here I am, “The lazy and irregular blogger”, who posts once in a blue moon in her blog :(.I am unable to post often …aaah I so wish I could wisely  use my time at least from this new year:).

Daal Makhani

Daal Makhani

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