Johnson’s Baby Cream

Johnson's Baby Cream

Claims: For Chapped cheeks, ‘Crawlers knee’, tender noses and rubbed elbows. Helps protect against irritating wetness and wind burn. Contains emollients that help moisturize your baby’s skin and preserve its natural softness.

Apply after bath to the delicate areas of the body and repeat application as often as needed. Good for baby, good for you.

Price: 100g costs 105.00 INR(Not sure of the current M.R.P.).

My experience: I have been using this cream for almost a year, not regularly though. I was in a different city in India a year back, it was a very dry place and winters there made by skin very dry. I was in need of a good moisturizer that could take care of my skin through out the day, as I was lazy to reapply moisturizer every now and then. Also I felt my skin needed sufficient hydration during the nights too. That is when this cream caught my eye. I was very new to skin care and using cosmetics back then. So this cream was a safe bet for me. I remember my mom telling me often that she used to use this cream on me when I was an infant; it seems she used this cream and the oil from the same brand to give a good massage before bath. Since the cream is an age old tradition and has been used by every one safely for years on babies, I am sure it will cause no harm on adults as well.

When applied it makes the skin oily and gives the heavily applied feeling even if applied in less quantity. Since it feels oily you cannot jus apply it and move out in dusty environment as the dust particles may stick onyou. Hence I feel it is best used as a night cream. It works wonderfully as a night cream, healing and repairing the skin, rejuvenating it and making it smooth, supple and baby soft.

Look it's Quite thick

Look it’s Quite thick

Blend ! Blend ! Blend :)

Blend ! Blend ! Blend 🙂

Heavily Moisturised Happy Skin :)

Heavily Moisturised Happy Skin 🙂

This is my GO-TO cream, when my skin is irritated or damaged. Overall its good cream that can be used without any worries and gives good results despite some cons.

What I liked :

A good and safe bet healing cream.

Trusted brand

Makes skin baby soft, smooth and supplement

No disturbing fragrance for sensitive noses

What I disliked :

A bit heavy and makes you  sweat when used in humid climates

Makes skin oily when applied


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