LAKME Fundamentals Deep Pore cleanser

Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser
                                                               Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser

CLAIMS: Formulated with natural avocado extracts, LAKME DEEP PORE cleanser, gently clean the skin of all surface impurities. Antioxidants like vitamin E condition skin.

PRICE: 60 ml costs 60 INR. (Not sure of current price, these days every product’s price has hiked 🙂 🙂 )

My Experience: I started using this cleanser a year back, when I ventured into skin care products. I had to travel everyday to office and the route was very polluted and dusty. Hence I was on the look out for a daily use cleanser, which could effectively remove the impurities and the dust off my skin. This cleanser did just what I wanted and since then I have been using this regularly.

This is a creamy cleanser that has to be applied allover the skin which you want to cleanse and then removed using a damp cotton pad or cotton ball. This way all the dust and impurities are   removed from the skin effectively. This cleanser did not cause any break outs on my skin. It gives me a fresh feeling when ever I use. It also removes makeup to a decent level. I would not say it’s a great makeup remover but it is a good gentle cleanser which can be used to remove the dust and dirt from the skin.

There is no oily feeling when I use this cleanser. To be frank this is the only cleanser I have used so far. I liked It very much and I think I will try some other brands too 🙂 i am eyeing on the Fab India Lavendar Cleanser :).

Do try this cleanser if you have just started to use skin care products and you want a safe bet. It definitely does a good job for the price and is a well known brand as well.

What I liked :

Gentle cleanser

Did not give me any break-outs

Well known brand

Affordable and effective

What I disliked :

There is nothing as such which I dint like about this cleanser. It does its job well 🙂


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